Welcome to the inaugural post of Pop Cultured, a long-awaited (by us) blog covering books, movies, TV, podcasts – all the entertainment of your dreams! We’re Alison and Elise – friends, former roommates, California natives, lovers of pop culture and the people who drive it. See the About Us tab for carefully selected flattering photos.

We met as freshman at Northwestern University, and then lived together in Chicago for three years. In our Lakeview apartment, many a night was spent on the couch, drinking cheap wine and watching an episode or four of Damages or The West Wing. Sometimes, if Alison was watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or some other serious trash, Elise would bring her computer to the living room and watch something Important, like Deadwood, with her headphones in. It was a very special time. [NOTE: We also had a third roommate, Elizabeth. We thoughtfully edited out a snarky comment about how she’s married now and thus out of our lives, but it turns out she wants her fifteen minutes of fame. Hi Elizabeth!]

About a year and a half ago, Elise moved to San Francisco. Though historically inept at keeping in touch, we’ve maintained a steady stream of texts, gchats, emails (even phone calls!)–mostly about boys, tv, or some combination of the two.

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We both adore Logan Echolls, NPR’s Linda Holmes and the public library.  At one time, these shared passions guided us through the awkward, clumsy introductory phase of our friendship.  Now, critical conversation and spirited (but respectful) disagreements (The Help is unbearable, Top of the Lake is better than True Detective, The Wire is overrated [Note from Alison: I NEVER SAID THAT]) color almost everything we think and write. And, by happy accident, we still really like each other.

We watch a lot of TV and movies, we read a lot of books, and we have a lot of feelings about all of it. Now, it’s time to share.

So pour yourself a glass of Walgreens chardonnay, and stick around.