About Us

Alison and Elise were members of the same acting class at Northwestern University for three years, but they truly solidified their friendship and mutual love of prestige television weathering three years of brutal Chicago winters under the same roof. Currently they live 697.3 miles apart, but texts about new books and Timothy Olyphant sustain their friendship.


Hailing from San Francisco, Alison abandoned the hills and fog for the flat and snow of the midwest. She majored in theatre and psychology at Northwestern. These days she works at the Chicago Tribune and writes/performs comedy around the city. Her Confirmation saint was St. Clare, patron saint of television, and she didn’t even do that on purpose.


Elise is a newly-relocated resident of Washington, DC, and thinks it is too warm. She is a a writer working in communications, who lived and traveled abroad for ten years before studying Theater and English Literature in Chicago.  She has a history of leaving library books at bars, and one time Alison called her “secretly hilarious.”

Banner image designed by the fabulous Lisa Arone.


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